Anna has played with Nancy and the Dolls since 2015 and says ‘It’s a total privilege playing in this band, I love the energy, talent, and attitude of the dolls and the passion the fans show at gigs.’

Anna has been playing drums since she was 11 years old, she immediately fell in love with it and was lucky enough to be taught by Carl Clay who she says is her musical hero. Carl pushed Anna not just to be technically on point but to really FEEL the drums when you play them. Another drum hero is the legendary John Bonham of 'Led Zeppelin', hence why Anna always has the biggest smile on her face when the dolls play 'Rock n Roll'!

Anna’s preferred choice of kit comes courtesy of DW Drums which she says is insanely brilliant to play and was super honoured recently when Clem Burke shared her kit at the 100 Club, London.

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Anna’s mother liked many different kinds of music which Anna absorbed growing up, but her mum says ‘she always had to tap something rather than sing along. I had no idea what great rhythm she had until we got her behind a drum kit.’

Anna has played in a number of bands previously but really feels at home as the Dolls drummer. ‘This is the most exciting band I’ve ever played in, I absolutely love it and always look forward to the next gig’

Anna’s favourite bands growing up where The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin.

Favourite song to play in the set?

Rock n Roll..... of course.